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Mentoring profitable traders every month

  • Online trading classes

    Online trading classes

    You can take our course from anywhere in the world.

  • Mentored by a Real Trader

    Mentored by a Real Trader

    Get a real mentor, a succesful trader that has been in the same position as you are right now

  • Your sucess is our reputation

    Your sucess is our reputation

    Our goal is to help you to fulfil your trading potential to meet your own financial goals.

  • Trade like a Pro

    Trade like a Pro

    We provide the training, trading rules and the support to help you become a successful and profitable trader.

  • Easy to apply

    Easy to apply

    All our courses are made so they are easy to understand and our techniques easy to apply for new traders

  • Live classes, not recorded

    Live classes, not recorded

    All our classes are live, so you can ask any question you might have or go again any topic you didnt understand

Ready to take your stock trading to a professional level ?

We invite you to become a member of an increasing number of retail professionals who make money trading stocks independently of the market conditions with our stock market education programs. Rather than making an attempt to apply an out-of-date , not reliable technique, find out how experts utilize a whole trading method that maintains constant results and also greater results in the long run, independently if you are a swing or intraday trader

You have come to the perfect place to start or improve your trading and become a profitable trader with our stock trading courses

Is our stock market courses for a beginner too?

Of course !! why ?? cause we teach you everything you need to know in our stock market courses from beginner to a professional expert trader. Our stock market classes are made so that anyone with zero knowledge on the stock market can be a profitable trader in 3 months. Its organized so that you can choose which type of trader you want to be based on your personal preference, Swing trader (holds positions overnight) or an Intraday trader (all positions are closed before the market closes)

How does the stock trading education program works ?

We teach you everything  in stock trading, from the A to the Z

  • Take the stock trading classes (number of classes will vary based on your education program)
  • Take the tests to check you have understand all the material, you can re-watch any class at any time
  • Talk with your instructor to define what type of trader you are or want to be
  • Once you finish the course you will be trading in a paper trading account to test your skills on live market conditions
  • Weekly  review your trades with your instructor at the end of each week
Our instructors are available for you at any time via email, in case you want to ask anything or have any doubt.
Once you have finished your stock trading education course, you will receive a certificate of completion

What our students are saying

If we did not convince you, maybe a few words from our students will!

Found them on twitter and I must admit I was a bit skeptical at the start but after the first few days I realised this is one of the best stock trading classes I´ve invested in. The support after the class continues the top-notch education
Brian Anderson
Brian Anderson
I had an incredible week on the course. At first i thought i was gonna be tough, but they took care of me and explained me everything in a very detailed manner. I am extremely happy and thankful to be a student of!
Janice Wallace
Janice Wallace
I consider your system one of the easiest in the market to make money. Just following the price action along with the Rules without all those fibs and loads of moving averages for anyone worried about direction removes confusion. There are many other benefits as well, having you a mentor available daily is a huge advantage.
Richard Rose
Richard Rose

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